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All I want to do is grow old with you
Having a tea time with you,
Read a good fairytale stories to our grandchildren,
Hold your hand,
and walk on the street together.


All you want to do is grow old with her
Kissing her forehead,
Hug her by your arms,
Write and recite poem about her
and dance all the nights with her.

Give me some more times
Give me a lot of years,
to tell the truth in my heart about
How much you want her
How much you need her
How much you love her

To forget how special your presence in my whole life,
To forget that you are the love of my life.
I am Jaded until then.

syakila hisam

My Muse

My muse,
a dreamer he is.
My muse,
random thoughts
occupy his mind.
My muse,
crazy girl he is.
My muse,
he's a lover.
My muse,
he's gonna be
But my muse, deary,
you oughta learn
to smile.