Mail To


Will you read a letter I wrote
If I began with Dear
But my answer was no?

Will you read a letter I wrote
If the ink was smudged and my words
Are still stuck down my throat?

Will you answer a letter I wrote
If the paper was blank
Because my feelings were chocked?

Will you keep the letter I wrote
If I chose someone else
Because my eyes were cloaked?

What happened to the letter I wrote
When we were young and dumb
And void of hope?

Did you ever doubt the letter I wrote
Although it was always you

When my hand touched my pen
My mind still with you
Whilst I heart my heart broke.

Please tell me
You got the letter I wrote

The letter I hoped
Would get me to forget you were mine
And now I am his.
The letter I wrote . The truth I locked. Away from you, I hear the clock.
Not a minute goes by when I don't feel remorse.
Tick. Guilt. Tock. The sting.
Tick. Tock

Adaptation by Euginia.


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