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Malam ini


Malam ini malam bulan hilang
Malam ini malam awan gelap
Malam ini malam bintang malap
Malam ini malam katak menyanyi

Malam ini kau ada
Malam ini aku tiada

Malam ini malam jiwa rapuh
Malam ini malam suara sumbang
Malam ini malam mata perit
Malam ini malam hati pedih

malam ini aku nampak kau.
malam ini aku nak kata.
malam ini aku rindu kau sangat
Bukan malam ini aku rindu kau tapi
malam semalam malam sebelum malam selepas malam esok malam lusa dan malam seterusnya.

Aku cuma nak cakap,
Diri aku sangat rindu kau Lelaki Jauh.

 syakila hisam 1.05am

Sepertinya Mimpi


Sepertinya mimpi
Bayang kau menemani tidurku
Rasa kau menemani malam aku.

Sepertinya mimpi
Suara kau mendayu ditepi cuping aku
Tangan kau menyentuh lembut bahu aku.

Sepertinya mimpi
Hati kau menjadi milik hati aku
Hadir kau dicelah-celah hidup aku.

Semuanya sepertinya mimpi
Ku memejamkan tiap satu deria nadiku
Melihatmu di dalam tiap manis mimpiku
Jiwaku merintih namamu
Bisa ku tahu

Kau hanya sepertinya mimpi.

Mail To


Will you read a letter I wrote
If I began with Dear
But my answer was no?

Will you read a letter I wrote
If the ink was smudged and my words
Are still stuck down my throat?

Will you answer a letter I wrote
If the paper was blank
Because my feelings were chocked?

Will you keep the letter I wrote
If I chose someone else
Because my eyes were cloaked?

What happened to the letter I wrote
When we were young and dumb
And void of hope?

Did you ever doubt the letter I wrote
Although it was always you

When my hand touched my pen
My mind still with you
Whilst I heart my heart broke.

Please tell me
You got the letter I wrote

The letter I hoped
Would get me to forget you were mine
And now I am his.
The letter I wrote . The truth I locked. Away from you, I hear the clock.
Not a minute goes by when I don't feel remorse.
Tick. Guilt. Tock. The sting.
Tick. Tock

Adaptation by Euginia.