Poem For You (Perfect Wings)


- Dedicate this to those of you who are crying that you cannot fly to achieve a dream. To those who only has one wing. Most important it's dedicate to you who I like the smile upon your face even though I can't see it in reality. You're the reason for every words in my writing and my writing is all about you. Wherever you go or whatever you do in your life I want you to know something and you may not like it but deep inside my heart always have you in that corner and let's it sticks because I choose the path.

On wings of freedom
I would like to fly free
It's lonely by myself
Ah! with these wings with someone, the two of us 
If we could fly together
This heart would be healed to no end
To the sky
Towering sky
The wings of freedom were covered in wounds
But meeting you, they were reborn
I can fly higher
Because like an angle gently descending
You taught me the meaning of living on the earth
I believe in this miracle 
I believe in this destiny
I want to fly through the rains of tears, through sunny skies

On wings of freedom
You would like to fly free right?
Thinking that I spread my wings in the night sky
To make you become strong and all I need is this heart
The words 'I love you' are too strong so,
I will wrote a poem of love
And it was you who taught me that 
Thank you, I love you
To the ends of the earth
To the limits of time
I will find them, wings that can fly
The same wings like you gave to me
For me to live happily as you wish
I will find them, the perfect wings.

12.25 am
syakila hisam

p/s: Even you're not in my side I will always live and life happily and try to smile. I vow to you my promise, to take care and love my self and believe I can do anything that I want because you always believe me. For the rewards, I want you please take a very good care of yourself. It is in winter over there and I believe one day like 5 years or 10 years or maybe we're the folks on that time, I'm sure we'll see each other. Your happiness is my happiness my favourite boy and you know who you're. Be happy. In shaa allah. 


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