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Princess of February


' Little tiny doll in the music box' 

The name given.

Today is your awesome day and you're 19teen now. How past the time working on.

Do you know how much I wanna celebrate your birthday together and make a very bubblinggg dearing party with all our beauty GG. Just could I. 

Show and tell you how big and big love that I got to pass it to you and make you understand that I love you very damn much little tiny girl. 

What can I give to you just the beauty greetings for wish Happy Birthday and hope you never and ever forget about me at all. 

And for the lastly, Dear HUSNA ABDUL. I LOVE YOU and cross it into my heart and deep inside I MISS YOU. I hope you'll be doing great to all the things that you choose to do in your life. Have a wonderful birthday's day baby! HAPPY 19TEEN!

Syakila Hisam