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Candy of 2011


FUHH...* shushhh go dusty go.!
'Is going to be happen after a month without typing anything. Okay now no mumblin' no story to be told no sharin' fact no and no. Imma just wanna type about the sugar honey cakes chocolate lollipop juice hmm and all the sweetest memory I'd been through among this year. This moment start from ...........*flip shawl

1. Gooodddd bbbyy-yyeee schooll

Dear SEDAR,  I've been through many ups and downs over the 5 years being a student in this school and me wouldn't regret those precious memory ever and will never forget about all the sweet and bitter things that happened. ME PROMISE.!

2. Resssulllltttttttt

Dear Friends, Even we got the ever worse result or good result I wanna all of you know how much Imma happy to have such a funny understandin' lovin' carin' friend like u'alls. I feel grateful until now. CRYING HARDLY.!

3. Wonderful Egggggg Teeeeennn!

Dear LG FA WA HA, A very big hug and kiss for fourth of y…