Eid Ul-Adha


Assalamualaikum to all Muslim and hello to non-Muslim. How's your Eid Ul-Adha? Is it great to see the cows overthrown without knowing the history of why it was overthrown?. We are not being and live in our childhood anymore and that's why we have to know the history of Eid Ul-Adha. Take note at this quote 'The man who decided want to changed on the 12 hour died on the 11 hour'. I'm pretty sure most of you know the meanings behind this quote right and maybe some of you have heard this before but never practiced it right. It depends on the respective rights and I was just reminded as a Muslim and also as a guide for myself. If remembering the time when we was in religious school, Ustazah always talk about the stories of the Prophet and its kinda interesting for me and yeah I love Sirah actually because we know how and where and anything about our Prophets  in deep. Do you still remember the story of the Prophet in connection with this Eid Ul-Adha? I still remember the way my Ustazah told us.

She told us Eid Ul-Adha is a special celebration because it is a day for Muslims to commemorate the story of Nabi Ibrahim a.s's sacrifice in fulfilling the commandment of Allah s.w.t and to his son Nabi Ismail a.s tolerance in fulfilling the command of Allah s.w.t. Apart from that, in term of languages KORBAN means close while in term of religion it means to follow order or obey Allah s.w.t commandment with the intention of getting close to Allah s.w.t. It was very calm when listening to the stories told by my Ustazah how Nabi Ibrahim prepare to sacrifice his son ( Nabi Ismail) for the sake of the commandment of Allah s.w.t but Allah Almighty knows best yet. Allah s.w.t just wanted to test the faith of Nabi Ibrahim and Alhamdullilah Nabi Ibrahim a.s. did not fail. During the slaughter Allah s.w.t  has replaced Nabi Ismail a.s with an animal called a KIBAS. And that's why when Eid Ul-Adha cows or goats or UNTA is overthrown. It will reminder us the stories of Nabi Ibrahim's sacrifice.




Btw here come some pictures, and it had a lot and a lot but I can't upload it and I think I will do some slideshow or video for this Eid Ul-Adha to show how much I love celebrate Raya with my family and it just a simple one because I didn't know how to make a video and I'm still in my learning progress. I'm a new learner and  Insyallah it will be done after my FINAL. Wish me luck peeps!

''The only thing that we always feel lost is close to ALLAH''

syakila hisam


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