Dear boy,
Read this..I had been waited for you for a such a long time ago and when the opportunity is just in front of your eyes you are not take it and you just explain to me you're not ready. Okay I'm understand that. Take it slow and no rushing SYAKILA. This is the word I always keep in my mind but it almost 2 years I guess and it's really hurt me if you to know. Keep waiting for something which still hanging. I doesn't want a hanging relationship. I want a reality not fantasy. I'm so sorry boy but million thanks for you because you still stand in all my stupid behavior which I used to do but boy for your information  you're the only one that I love the most

Probably the two of us not meant for each other and there may be other women who will open the door of your heart and make you ready for a serious relationship. I can't open the door of your heart an it made me think I should let it go even its pain. This what we called destiny boy.

I don't want something perfect, I want something real. Something between the two of us, something we both feel and I still remember the first time I fell for you.. I haven't gotten up since that day and you're the one  who has the key to my heart but unfortunately you doesn't know how to use it and I used to miss you so much.. But it never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it I stopped missing you.

syakila hisam


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