Good evening readers..
Look at weather for today. Its really hot here and a lots of BIG SALE around me right now! I feel so humble just looking outside the taxi's window and never reach it again because my schedule absolutely freaking me out. If you're following my blog since first time I'm blogging you'll know what's the differences that I do to my blog right. Lets make it easy. I'm still addicted to PINK but for right now I just don't have feelings to makeup my blog  into Pink colour. Don't ask me why because I'll not answering for that question.

I'm changing everything because I need to move on and make a new life without remember what had happens yesterday or the bad memory or the time I felt in love with someone. I wanna have a new life without remembering those thing. Its hurt to memorize. Kinda sharp knife that hurt me.Some of my friends told me 'Hey you'll deserve better than him'. Yay maybe! One day.

And yay I have to get hurt because that's how I learn. The strongest people out there,the ones who laugh the hardest right!.And yeah I've to pray a lot because as my teacher said 'igt2..ape2,kembali pd Allah..DIA maha segalanya'..

Just be patient and seek for Allah's help. Allah knows the best..Insyallah.



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