Friendship is Fashion.

Peace be upon to you...

Hello peeps..
Fashion is what we want to wear and what we love to wear. We dont ever care what people gonna to say because HEYY IS FASHION..and its create by me and extra extra. Think about it we friend with someone that really cruel and like hey everyone doesnt like him/her but only we know why we friends with him/her and its like fashion right people laughing for what we wear but only we know what the best for us right peeps.  Same goes as friendship..for me we will be a good friend to somebody we like same as clothes that we love to wear always and its not easy to befriend with someone. Searching for a beauty clothes because we want to look pretty and gorgeous and searching for a good friend is very important because friends are really special and never be forgetten.ILOVEYOUFRIENDS AND I DO..<3

May Allah Bless You.


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