Yesterday Was Fragrance!


Hai babe..i'm still type in English and insyallah I'll permanent do it or in the other ways I'll type in many languages following on my mood.OH CRAW!..If I want to share some news that can make all of you clearly understand,I'll use Malay. But, English will be more exquisite because 'you can drink while swim'..Is that a true proverb?..owh nvm..Hurm..but for someyimes my both hand love to type in 'ROJAK'.U know what is Rojak?..Malay+English and VICE VERSA..Otherwise,Malaysia is a 'ROJAK' right?..Its mean Malaysia has stand for many races. Owh mind I love to type any words thats sounds strange,like I said 'in my own world dictionary,its hiding the true meaning,if u smart u get it!'. OH GEEZ! balderdash!!..BTT!

Act,I don't have to much idea about the title above. I just put it as long its sound nice to me.Err,,I guess..=__=!. Urm,I'm still in my curative treatment and ermm with MADAM..In most of my day was very tired but I've learn many different and new things. It will needs a lot of time to put in this. CRAW!!..So,I brief it,yesterday I'm hang out and spent my day with my very old friend or not to much old just we're in same age.HahaHAHAHAa..its quite glee for me Yeah!

SHE IS HAFIDAH,,kindergarten friend,,<3
 IDK..whether its my first time but I'm quite clumsy to hold it but its so bagglewrinkles..I'm trying to use it as well as health and its quite gratify and i;m happy with that. WELL HALUYAH!..Practise make Perfect right!..ITE..please have a killer smile to look it!

From My Hands!..
Just a little Bit..


couple yang baru lepas clash...

Toodles sweety love!
May Allah bless you...


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