Hey is my free time to online but a little bit time.Honestly i've skip my therapy class and now i'm sitting here infront of my MADAM laptop and try to write something about what i've do this week. Its about a week i've stay with MADAM. She is the one who responsible to cure me until my mental and physical is in a good condition and she is the one who will change me into new SYAKILA HISAM. Errkk..for the first time i meet her,she starring at me and give me a bear hug. I'm touch because she was cried and she give me her words that i'll became stronger than this time.She ask me to called her MADAM. Urm..i told her everything and never miss one single word and she give me an order to write in english on my blog. At first,i was errhhkk..i make any excuses to not do what she ask but she said its part of your therapy must do it by hook or by crook..SO i'm do it now..

Owh..btw i can't write in long post now..i'm just want to show something to everyone that i miss so much.Act its a part of my class and i've got assigment to know what..i've been ask to draw..i just WHAT!!..but MADAM..ermmm so i sketch something like MADAM said and she said sketch people you remember most right now!..Owh okay and i've done..i did it! take a look guys..

WAWA..i'm sorry if not beauty as you but i'm try my best
i want sketch you as a Chinese girl look but its became like that!
sorry wawa..imissyou same as you miss me..

sorry not beauty as you..i'm try my best in this art..
you more prettiest than this sketch..
imissyou too!!

TO SABRINA..i've sketch too but next time i'll post it because we will see soon right..hope to see you 24hb on that place..see ya!!



  1. i lovee it my dear,
    you make me smilee, thankss!muahh !


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