What its means by title above guys?.Did anyone know?.If you know its good! because i'm in that situation now.Just 3 days later i've a important dating with someone that we called 'Doctor'.YUpe! I've a date with a doc..and guess what?.My health are not in good condition. What the hell kan. Satu2x problem datang kan...GGRR!!.SUUCKK!!.I've cry a lot and a lot lot. If you can see my both eyes right now its really same as 'PANDA EYES'.

Just to make me happy my both parents took me to someother place. A place where i can be alone and motivate myself. There will be someone who can cure me as well. Thats why i'll really rare to facebooking,blogging,webbing and chatting. For somehow i've think its to be good if I really dissappear from this world. The true is,i'm not a strong woman after so many problem i've to solve it.

                                            Something wrong with this picture..doesn't have SMILE

 From now on my life in HELL YAH!. So beware in your words towards me because i play such a game which i called PAY-OFF!.Sorry for not smile back,sorry for not replying any text from you because you are one of my reason why my life became HELL..



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