Amazing Facts About The Natural World!


Hihihi..okee tadi aq ade english class and guess what?.Aq belajar pasal facts and facts pasal dunia nie. Sangat suke and aq just nak kongsi bersama-sama dan juga reaction aq mase dapat tau pasal facts nie. Teruskan membaca okee..^^

                                                   muke non-makeup mmg tak lawa sangat..=__=

Did you know...?

$..You share your birhday with around eighteen milion other people in the world.                                    
 -OMG!!!..maknenyer aq tak lah sambut befday aq sorang-sorang kan..lepas nie kena
  beli kek untuk milion org makan..hahahaaaa..

$..Snails can sleep for up to three years
   -Kalau aq tido sampai nak dekat 3 tahun tu maksud nyer aq koma lah tu!

$..There are at least ten thousand bilion ants in the world,but only about six and a half bilion human being.That means there are around one thousand five hundred ants for every human being.
   -Banyaknye semut keliling aq tapi aq rase bilangan nyer berkyrang sebab aq selalu TERpijak semut-semut

$..Because of the earth's rotation,you can throw a ball further if you throw west.
  -Serius lepas nie aq baling bola banyak-banyak arah barat. Pandai-pandailah nak tangkap mcm mane kan.

$..Elephants can't jump,pigs can't look up at the sky and kangaroos can't walk backwards.
  -Sir aq cakap yes ''elephants can't jump but it can dance''..OMG!!..

$..Africa is the only continent in the world that doesn't have an active volcano.
  -Fakta ini salah sebab Austrialia pown gunung berapi die tak active.

$..Dogs can't see colours. Guide dogs watch the traffic to see when it is safe to cross-they can't see the difference between red and green traffic lights.
   - Oh buta warna rupenyer anjing tapi bab mengejar org nombor satu kan ko!..ERRR!

$..About ten percent of people in the world are left-handed. Studies show that dogs and cats also prefer to use either their right or left paws. So check if you have a right or a left-handed pets!.

$..The average person eats around 8 kilos of dirt during their lifetime. This is because of badly washed fruit and vegetables.
   -Satu lagi fakta kalau makan goreng pisang banyak-banyak pown boleh dpt penyakit tau!

$..Chimpanzees can't talk but they can learn sign language. Some chimps learn up to two hundred and forty different signs.
  - Aq gerenti kalau haiwan semua boleh amik lesen sure chimpanzee lulus 100% dderr..

Kalau nak amik mane-mane facts yang kat atas nie anda dialu-alukan sangat. Ini cume fakta yang tertulis didalam buku so terpulanglah pada u guys semua okee. Aq suke facts yang pertama tu. Suke sangat dapat tau facts tu. Sape lahir 22 bulan 3 sila angkat tangan! Nanti makan kek same-same kay..^^



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