sorrow???..what is that..did all of you wondering~~...
sorrow its mean a sadness that occur suddenly in our life without our permision..
did anyone need a sorrow in their lifes..if has their're such a sad person!!!..
you know my lifes n my lovely feeling i just want to be happy like nothing happen in my life..i really hope this sorrow never came to me..this sorrow begin last year..its happen to my lovely dar!!..MADAM C.M..
i can't tell what happen to her..but its really a big prob and totally change my i have went to a place that so many important and big person in this country work..first i have breakfast with PAK ZUL n otherss...then they brought me to the there i'm cold inside n outside..what a wnderful time i have..wnderful lah sgt kan..
then the procedure begin.....
our change just 50/50..its make me feel shock and really sad!!
then back to school..i told her and that makes her depress same goes like class we both never concentrate what teacher are teach us..depression time right now!!!
and now in my parents asked me about the sorrow..what can i tell??..our change to win just 50/50..OMG!!!..sad you know bloggie..and with the same day i have received so many sad news..can anyone grib my hand and take me out from this sorrow..i hope its just my nightmare..
i hope to MADAM C.M never sad..
owh bloggie about ENCIK KESYA..
he really happy and enjoy with his soulmate right now..i look at his wall..loving each other everytime..i dont to comment anything but my heart get burn..i know its wrong bloggie to think like that at this time but i do try to forget him..i do and always do but the result its still same..I MISS HIM..

elmo cry!
bercampur aduk kan bloggie prob dlm aty aq nie..mcm2x bloggie..result aq,kes MADAM C.M,the feeling for ENCIK giler yg sengal 2 lg..DEPRESS!!!!...i need someone..OH GOD!..please send someone that can make me became a person with full of spirit to face all this..
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